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Santi’s Tacos was started by a deep passion of authentic Mexican dishes and the desire to share the flavor of Tala, Jalisco with those around us. Santiago aka Santi was born in 1974 in a small town named Tala located in Guadalajara Jalisco.  Since a child he helped both his parents in the kitchen.  The passion to cook was truly running in his veins at an early age.  He started as a teen by helping his mother at her cenaduria.  To make ends meet they would sell food from their home making tamales, taco’s and many other traditional meals even Guadalajara’s famous tortas ahogadas.  His father owned a couple of seafood restaurants which is where Santi picked up his experience in his seafood cuisine.

Santi feels his happiest and is most fulfilled when he is in the kitchen or when he can enjoy others enjoying his dishes. more.....


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